Modding Tutorials

Modding support has been a priority for us at Mohawk Games, and we built Offworld Trading Company to support mods that could not just change the game values (via XML) but also the C# code itself. Jason Winokur, the programmer in charge of mod support, has recorded three tutorial videos to help guide prospective modders. If you are interested in changing our game, please give them a look!

Intro to Offworld Modding

XML Modding

Code Modding

7 thoughts on “Modding Tutorials

  1. Hi Soren/Jason,

    Thank you heaps for these tutorials. I watched them and straight away looked in to modding your brilliant game.
    I was trying to figure out how to change things in the campaign mission select screen, for example to buy more than 1 perk at a time, to change the text that comes up after each mission, to change how many missions/rounds and that sort of thing.

    Would it be possible to do a tutorial on that? Or can you point me in the direction to help me do it myself?

    Thank you for such a great game and your support, you guys are the best.
    – Rob

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