Old World Update #45

For more details, read the full update notes.

  • Religions will now gain opinion boosts when certain Theologies and Laws are paired together
    • Mythology: +30 Opinion of Polytheism
    • Veneration: +50 Opinion of Iconography
    • Legalism: +30 Opinion of Centralization
    • Revelation: +40 Opinion of Orthodoxy
    • Dualism: +40 Opinion of Tolerance
    • Gnosticism: +30 Opinion of Monotheism
    • Redemption: +50 Opinion of Pilgrimage
    • Enlightenment: +50 Opinion of Philosophy
  • Archetypes now have opinions of Laws
    • Hero: +20 Opinion of Epics
    • Commander +60 Opinion of Autarky
    • Tactician: +40 Opinion of Professional Army
    • Zealot: +50 Opinion of Holy War
    • Schemer: +30 Opinion of Elites, +30 Opinion of Coin Debasement
    • Orator: +20 Opinion of Tyranny
    • Diplomat: +30 Opinion of Colonization
    • Judge: +40 Opinion of Legal Code
    • Builder: +20 Opinion of Slavery
    • Scholar: +50 Opinion of Engineering

Old World Update #44

For more details, read the full update notes.

  • Players can now abandon Ambitions
    • To abandon an ambition, simply hover over the ambition and click the ‘X’ button
    • Abandoning an ambition costs 5 Legitimacy
  • Some Wonders have been updated
    • The Apadana: Now grants +20 Global Civics, and grants -50% Maintenance costs to all cities
    • The Great Ziggurat: Now grants +20 Global Civics
    • The Circus Maximus/The Pantheon:  Now grant +40 Global Training
    • The Hagia Sofia: -2 Discontent per year [All Cities]
    • The Mausoleum: +50% Culture [All Cities]
    • The Musaeum: Grants +50% science to the city it is built in
    • The Necropolis: All Temples grant -1 Discontent
  • The Isolationism law has been renamed to Autarky
  • The Autarky law now grants -50% maintenance costs to all cities
  • The Volunteers Law upkeep cost is now Medium Civics
  • The ‘Swift’ trait has been updated
    • Leaders with the Swift trait grant all units +1 to their fatigue limit
    • Generals with the Swift trait get 1 additional move per Order
  • The ‘Hardy’ unit promotion has been removed

Old World Update #43

For more details, read the full update notes.

  • Pilgrimage now grants +5 Money to Holy Cities per year for each city with that religion
  • A new character action has been added: Leave Council
    • Players can now select characters serving in a Council role and choose ‘Leave Council’ to have that character resign from their position
    • This action costs 2 Orders to use
  • Abdicating the throne now costs 10 Legitimacy
  • Difficulty Level now affects Rebel probability
  • The ‘Breeder’ trait has been renamed to ‘Cultivator’

Offworld Trading Company: Interdimensional DLC Now Available!

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In the Offworld Trading Company: Interdimensional DLC, you will vie for economic dominance on mixed worlds where the rules of Mars, Europa, Io, and Ceres are in play all at once. Explore custom maps with a variety of terrain types. The frozen tundra of Europa could exist right beside the hot volcanic surface of Io on these worlds – you’ll need to choose your HQ placements wisely!

Plan your business’ expansion carefully to get the most out of the resources surrounding your base. On these maps, you’ll have access to buildings and resources that were previously only available on certain worlds – you can harvest energy using a Nuclear Power Plant on the uranium-rich fields of Ceres and harvest water from the frozen tundra of Europa, all on the same world.

Plenty of new challenges await you. Face them head on and drive your opponents’ businesses into the ground in Offworld Trading Company: Interdimensional.

Play on Mixed Worlds: Explore new challenges on worlds with multiple different rules, buildings, and resources in play at the same time.
Conquer New Worlds: Play on one of the new included maps: Sandstorm, Phoebe Station, or Three Plateaus. You can also choose to play on a randomized map, which will give you a unique gameplay experience every time.
Explore Custom Maps: Now you can play on maps with a variety of different terrain types. Frozen terrain with easy access to water can exist directly beside hot volcanic terrain – you will need to choose your HQ placements strategically!
Create Your Own Maps: Design and share your own mixed maps to the Steam workshop! You can be as wild and creative as you like with your creations – the rules of other worlds don’t bind you here!
No Other DLC Required: In Interdimensional, you can get a taste of all of the worlds we’ve offered in other DLC and expansions – all at once! You are not required to own The Ceres Initiative, The Europa Wager, or Jupiter’s Forge to play.

Old World Update #42

For more details, read the full update notes.

  • Characters now have a maximum of 5 traits
  • Agent Yields are now affected by their opinion
  • Religious Disciples now produce yields when standing on Religious improvements
    • Disciples standing on a Monastery produce +1 Science per turn
    • Disciples standing on a Temple produce +5 Money per turn
    • Disciples standing on a Cathedral produce +1 Order per turn
  • General Traits (Tough, Highlander, Besieger, etc.) now apply to all units if the Leader has those traits
  • Per city bonuses for events are now adjusted for inflation
  • Landowner Families now grant +2 Culture per crop
    • The following resources are considered crops: Wheat, Barley, Sorghum and Citrus
  • Trader Families now grant +20 Money per bullion
    • The following resources are considered bullion: Gems, Gold, Silver and Pearls
  • A new mission has been added: High Synod
    • The mission has a chance of positively or negatively impacting your Religion’s opinion of you, or it can trigger a ‘High Synod’ event
    • This mission is unlocked by the Doctrine technology, requires an Ambassador and costs 2 Orders to start

Old World: Play by Cloud Unlocked!

One of the most exciting new ways to play Old World with your current (and soon-to-be former) friends is the new Play by Cloud mode. The game passes the save back and forth between players automatically, notifying each one via email when it is time to play his or her turn. This format is great for players with unpredictable schedules and who like to take as much time as necessary to execute the perfect turn. Great for busy friends separated by time and distance.

Play by Cloud is now available under the Multiplayer menu. Click New Game to choose the settings, enter your friends’ emails, and then hit Start Game to begin. Our Cloud server will handle the rest. The Mohawk team is currently in the middle of a massive seven-player Old World free-for-all Cloud game and highly recommends the experience!

Old World Update #41

For more details, read the full update notes.

  • A Mac Build is currently available on the Test Branch
  • Play By Cloud multiplayer games are now available on the Main Branch
  • Commander Leaders now grant Infantry units +20% Defense when serving as their General
  • Tactician Leaders now grant Mounted units +10% Critical Hit chance when serving as their General
  • Zealot General and Zealot Leader General abilities have been swapped
    • Zealot Generals can now heal in neutral territory
    • Zealot Leader Generals can no longer die with more than 1 HP
  • Players now have the ability to release Generals and Governors from their current jobs
    • To release a General, select the unit and click the ‘Release General’ button or select the General and click the ‘Leave [Unit]’ button on their Character panel
    • To release a Governor, select them from the Character Tab and click the ‘Leave [City]’ button on their Character Panel
    • Releasing Generals and Governors from their jobs costs 1 order
  • Leaders now have a ‘Convert Religion’ action that will convert them to the Nation’s State Religion
    • This action costs 100 Civics and 2 Orders
  • Players will now receive opinion boosts with other Tribes and Nations if members from their faction are serving on the Player’s Council

Old World Update #40

For more details, read the full update notes.

  • Egypt has a new faction perk
    • -25% cost for paired adjacent improvements
    • Egypt no longer receives +40% yields from Quarries built on rivers
  • The Commander’s ability to hurry City Production with Orders has been changed to only apply to the Capital City
  • Commander Leaders can now use the Launch Offensive ability
    • This ability has been removed from Tactician leaders and replaced with the flanking bonus
  • Tactician Leaders now receive a +20% combat strength bonus when flanking
    • Flanking occurs when attacking an enemy unit with a friendly unit on the opposite side
  • Governors opinions now affect Discontent and Growth
  • Generals opinions now affect unit strength
  • The Tyranny Law now grants +10 Money per year per Military unit in Territory and +20 training per turn
  • The Divine Rule law now grants +1 Order per Friendly City

Old World Update #39

For more details, read the full update notes.

  • Walls, Moats and Towers now each give -1 Discontent if a Family military unit is defending the city
  • Underworld Shrines [Ereshkigal/Osiris/Hades] now grant +20% output for adjacent quarries (Down from 50%)
  • Fire Shrines [Nuska/Atar/Vulcan] now grant +20% output for adjacent mines (Down from 25%)
  • Dualism is now a Tier II theology
  • Serfdom now boosts Farm and Pasture output by 20% (This previously only boosted Farms)
  • Pilgrimage now grants +1 Science per Grove (Previously +1 Civics)
  • Constitution now grants -1 Discontent per turn

Old World Update #38

For more details, read the full update notes.

  • Players can now convert characters in their Nation to their State Religion
    • This requires the Metaphysics Technology
  • Some Archetypes now provide additional buffs if the character is serving as a Governor
    • Builder Governors: -1 Turn to build Improvements
    • Judge Governors: Can hurry Specialists with Money
    • Orator Governors: +20 Family Opinion
    • Scholar Governors: -1 Discontent per Archive
  • Judge Leaders can no longer hurry specialists with money
  • Failing to complete a Legacy Ambition now costs -5 Legitimacy
  • Champion Family Seats (The first city founded with a Champions family) now start with a Garrison
  • A new mission has been added: Intercession
    • This mission costs 250 Money and 2 Orders to start, and is carried out by the Head of your Religion
    • Players can start the mission by selecting a Family Oligarch and choosing “Intercession via [Religion Patriarch/Matriarch]” 
    • This mission can result in the targeted character gaining a positive opinion modifier with your leader, or it can result in an Intercession event
    • Your Religious Matriarch/Patriarch must be Pleased with you to start this mission