Old World Update #23

For more details, read the full update notes.

  • Players can now choose to delay making an ambition decision for 5 years
  • Increased the amount of XP earned for serving as a Governor
  • Various Mission Orders costs have been increased
  • The Patron Family Seat bonus has been updated
    • The Family Seat (The first city given to the Patron Family) will now gain +20 Orders and -1 Discontent Level per Culture Event
  • Culture generated from Poets has been reduced
    • Apprentice Poets produce 3 Culture per year (Down from 4)
    • Master Poets produce 4 Culture per year (Down from 6)
    • Elder Poets produce 5 Culture per year (Down from 8)
  • Hunting Shrines now give an XP bonus (+10 XP/Year) to Ranged units stationed on the tile
    • Shrine of Diana, Shrine of Neith
  • Healing Shrines now heal units (+5 HP) stationed on the tile
    • Shrine of Eshmun, Shrine of Isis

Old World Update #22

For more details, read the full update notes.

  • Discovering landmarks will now reward the player +1 Legitimacy
  • Religions now have a head member (Bishop)
  • Each Nation can now found a Pagan Religion
    • Pagan Religions are founded and spread by building Shrines
  • Three new missions have been added: Influence, Insurrection, Rally Troops
    • Influence: Costs 100 Civics and 1 Order to start and takes 2 turns to complete – has a chance to improve the selected character’s opinion, or can result in an influence event
    • Insurrection (Agent) [Requires Jurisprudence]: Costs 400 Money and 1 Order to start and takes 3 turns to complete – has a chance to raise the Discontent level of the city the Agent is stationed in by 1, or can result in an insurrection event
    • Rally Troops (Leader) [Requires Military Drill]: Costs 100 Civics and 1 Order to start and takes 2 turns to complete – has a chance to rally troops (+150 Training,) or can result in a rally troops event
  • Polybolos are now Siege units
  • Camel Archers now start with Nomad (+25% strength modifier when attacking from sand)

Old World Update #21

For more details, read the full update notes.

  • Players can now swap units that are adjacent to one another
    • Selecting a unit and ordering them to move to an adjacent occupied tile will swap the two units
  • Luxuries now require Specialists
    • Specialists are now only lost when an improvement is destroyed, not pillaged
  • Training, Civics and Orders have been slightly reduced in No Character multiplayer games for balance purposes
  • Siege Units now ignore the distance penalty
  • Cathedrals now require an adjacent Temple
  • The Borders Boost bonus technology has been moved to the Aristocracy Technology

Old World Update #20

For more details, read the full update notes.


  • Wonders now provide 2 Victory Points
  • Base City strength has been increased to 8 (Up from 6)
  • The turn timer now adds leftover time to your next turn when ending the turn early
  • Trees and Scrub now have a very small chance to grow/spread


  • The following units have been updated with new animations
    • Settler
    • Elite Huscarl
    • Elite Clubthrower
  • More Carthaginian elder portraits have been added

Old World Update #19

For more details, read the full update notes.

  • The Granary now grants +1 Growth
  • A new trait has been added: Carpenter
    • Leaders with this trait grant +50 XP to new Siege and Ship units
    • Governors with this trait grant +100 XP to new Siege and Ship units
  • Tribes must now have a Pleased opinion of the player to accept Peace Offers
  • The Ambition memory boost for Families now occurs when completing the Ambition
  • Traits that affect Governors (Affable, for example) now affect the entire nation if the Leader has those traits
  • Heirs and their spouses now affect opinions more
  • Asking a Nation/Tribe to Declare War now requires Pleased or higher opinion
  • Courtiers now give passive rating bonuses (Science from Wisdom, etc), just like the Leader and Heirs do

Old World: Multiplayer Unlocked!

We have just unlocked multiplayer for Old World, which is currently available in Early Access on the Epic Games Store. Although we took some extra time to make sure the technical challenges of multiplayer were addressed, multiplayer is actually how the project started way back in 2016. Because Old World functioned as a multiplayer game from the very beginning, we could play it competitively immediately, not just pretending to play against an embryonic AI. We could tell immediately if the Orders system was interesting or not, if one-unit-per-tile was the right way to go, and if our other major innovations (the resource market, the technology deck, tile improvements, etc.) made sense.

One important aspect of 4X multiplayer is that there are a multitude of ways to play the game, depending on each player’s personality and lifestyle, and we are aiming to support as many as possible. Besides the traditional synchronous multiplayer (with an adaptive turn timer to keep things moving), Old World provides the following options:

Hotseat: The original, oldest-school version of multiplayer goes back to before players could connect to each other online, back to when multiplayer could only be done in the same room. It is very out of fashion to just take turns out of the same machine, but that doesn’t keep this from being an oft-requested feature. A great option for couples and families!

Cloud Play: Shared cloud saves provide a more polished version of another old favorite: play-by-email. Old World passes the save back and forth between players automatically, notifying each one when it is time to play. This format is great for players with unpredictable schedules who take as much time as necessary to execute the perfect turn. Great for busy friends separated by time and distance.

Asynchronous: Epic turn-based games take a long time to finish, so one great way to play is with a persistent server that runs in the background, allowing players to jump in and out as fits their own schedules. Turn timers can be customized (24 hour turns? 12 hours? 6? Pause at night? On the weekends? Just on Thursdays?), and turn notifications will update players on what has happened since they were last online.

Teams: 4X games are free-for-all by default in single-player, giving players a chance to conquer the world on their own, but that is not necessarily the best way to do multiplayer. Eight players are likely to have a much better, or at least a more cohesive, experience in a four-vs-four match rather than an eight-player scrum. Games stay interesting for all players until it becomes clear which team has an insurmountable lead, which is a lot easier to determine when there are two possible winners instead of eight.

Comp Stomps: Team games don’t necessarily need equal sides, and Old World absolutely supports players who want to team up against the AI, either as cannon fodder (on “the Able”) or as a formidable challenge (on “the Great”). This format is great for players of significantly different skill levels – a parent and a child, for example – who still want to play the game together.

No Characters: For fast, competitive play, we support an option of the game with the characters, families, and events stripped out. Although these parts of the game are a major source of variability for single-player, that same randomness can be a major negative for players who want a pure test of skill. Indeed, we have a Mirror Map option for players who don’t want the map generator to give either side an advantage, no matter how small.

Turn Styles: In 4X games, personal taste determines how players prefer turns to be handled, so Old World has six different Turn Styles which control who can move which units and when. On one extreme, Simultaneous mode allows all players to move all of their units at any time. At the other end, Strict mode only allows one player to move at a time. Between these extremes are many gradations, such as Loose (no restrictions but players turns start at different times) and Tight (can only move non-military units during another player’s turn). Turn Style can even be changed during the game, if desired.

Other Options: Old World has many other options that can provide a different type of MP experience, such as No Fog of War (for a board game feel), picking Nations after the game starts (borrowing an idea from Offworld), and Observer mode (good for streaming competitive matches). Multiplayer can also be played with mods, so the community will be able to create ways to play that we haven’t even envisioned.

Old World Update #18

For more details, read the full update notes.

  • Multiplayer is now available on Old World! Check out our blog post for more information
  • A new resource has been added to the game: Honey
    • This resource will provide a varying amount of Culture when harvested
    • Improving this resource with a Grove grants +2 Culture, +5 Food and luxury resource
  • Manichaeism now requires 2 Christian and 2 Zoroastrian cities
  • Units guarding unused City Sites cost 1 Order per year
  • The cost of various missions have been changed
    • The Assassinate Mission now costs 400 Money (Down from 500)
    • The Treachery Mission now costs 400 Money (Down from 500)
    • The Family Gifts Mission now costs 400 Money (Down from 500)
    • The Pay Ransom Mission now costs 400 Money (Down from 500)
    • The Tutor Mission now costs 200 Money (Down from 500)
  • The following improvement culture requirements have been changed
    • The Garrison now requires Weak culture (Down from Developing)
    • The Stronghold now requires Developing culture (Down from Strong)
    • The Citadel now requires Strong culture (Down from Legendary)
  • The following projects now provide a small Money boost when completed (This was previously a Civics boost)
    • Treasury I now provides 20 Money when completed
    • Treasury II now provides 30 Money when completed
    • Treasury III now provides 40 Money when completed
    • Treasury IV now provides 50 Money when completed

Old World Update #17

For more details, read the full update notes.

  • Other factions will now become upset with the player if they are at war with nations or tribes of their ethnicity
  • Money and Training earned from Discipline and Courage stats has been increased
  • Tech Redraws now occur on the same turn
  • Discontent levels now affect Science instead of Culture
  • Any remaining cities (captured and owned) of a defeated player turn rebel, just like units
  • Players can now hurry the production of Settlers
  • The Lavender Grove now yields +2 Culture, +10 Money, and provides a luxury

Old World Update #16

For more details, read the full update notes.

  • Units with a general assigned are now indicated via a star icon present on the unit icon
    • Hovering over this star icon will present a tooltip with the general’s information
    • These units will no longer display a general sitting on a horse
  • The model and icon for the following units has been updated
    • Elite Nomad Skirmisher
    • Elite Clubthrower
    • Libyan Cavalry
  • The Nomad Skirmisher unit has been updated with new animations
    • Idle, Combat Idle, Walk, Run, Hit, Attack, Death
  • Hovering over the General icon within the Unit tab will now display a tooltip with the General’s information
  • Clicking on Character names featured in tooltips will now select that character

Old World Update #15

For more details, read the full update notes.


  • The Multiplayer Mod has been removed and replaced with a No Characters option
    • This option removes characters and families from the game
    • This option can be used in Single Player games, it is located in the Advanced Setup tab
    • This option will be automatically enabled during Multiplayer game setup (Players will need to delete their existing GameOptionsSave.xml file for this change to take place, or it can be set manually during Multiplayer game setup. Multiplayer is available in the opt-in Test Branch.)
  •  Courtiers now have tutor missions
    • These missions can be activated by selecting a child that can be tutored, and then selecting ‘Tutor via [Courtier]’ – or by selecting a Courtier and then selecting ‘Tutor [Child]’ 
    • These missions have varied chances to raise one of the child’s stats – these chances increase based on the stat ratings of the chosen courtier
    • It costs 500 Money and 1 Order to start one of these missions 
  • A new resource has been added: Lavender
    • This resource grants culture when harvested (this amount varies depending on how close the resource is to your territory)
    • This resource grants the player a luxury once it has been improved with a Grove