The Campaign Rules

1.0 Introduction

The Campaign is a special, single-player mode of Offworld Trading Company which provides an overarching goal to be achieved over multiple Missions – to be the last Corporation standing on Mars. The player controls one of eight Corporations, which over the course of multiple Missions will increase their income by investing in Martian Colonies, hire more labor to improve productivity, and raise their stock price to position themselves for victory.

2.0 Rounds

The Campaign is split into three rounds:

  • Growth Round (Turns 1-2): During this round, the player’s Corporation helps grow a Martian Colony, which then increases the Corporation’s income between Missions. Each Mission last a specific number of days, with the winning Corporation being the one which acquires the most Colony Stock.
  • Elimination Round (Turns 3-6): This round functions just like the Growth Round, except that at the end of each Mission, the Corporation with the lowest stock price (and which did not just win a Mission) is eliminated.
  • Final Round (Turn 7): Once all but four Corporations are eliminated, one final Mission is played, with all remaining Corporations participating. Unlike the previous Missions, this final one allows the participating Corporations to buy stock directly in each other, using normal Skirmish rules for ultimate victory.

3.0 Labor

Unlike the regular game, all buildings are not available by default. Instead, each Corporation needs at least one worker to unlock each building. For example, Water Pumps are unlocked with Water Pump Engineers, Pleasure Domes are unlocked with Pleasure Dome Managers, Offworld Markets are unlocked with Offworld Market Astronauts, and so on.

If more than one worker of a specific type is hired, the building’s speed increases; each Water Pump Engineer increases the speed of Water Pumps by +25%. (Please note that all buildings start off with a -50% speed penalty compared to the base game.)

Extra workers for the advanced buildings (Optimization Center, Hacker Array, etc.) allow the player to build multiples of that building. Thus, a player with two Offworld Market Astronauts could build two Offworld Markets.

The Labor Pool consists of sixteen randomly chosen workers and is reset between Missions. Each worker can be contracted for one mission or hired for the rest of the Campaign.

4.0 Missions

Campaign Missions work significantly different from regular Skirmishes. First, the stock market is closed, so the different Corporations are not trying to buy stock in each other. Instead, Campaign Missions last seven sols (Martian days), and the Corporations are competing to invest in the Colony which can be found in the middle of the map.

These Missions each have a set of parameters, such as Terrain (for example, “Plains”), Map Size (“Medium”), Resource Level (“Low”), and Events (“Eastward Wind”). Also, each Mission has a special Reward Perk (“Free Metal Mine”) which is given to the winner – the Corporation which purchases the most shares of Colony Stock by the end Mission.

The Colony is composed of a set of Modules in the middle of the map, which determine how big the Colony’s Population can grow and whether there are enough Jobs to attract new colonists. There are five different Module types:

  • Habitat: +1 Housing (consumes Water, Food, and Oxygen)
  • Office: +1 Job (consumes Power)
  • Laboratory: +1 Job (consumes Chemicals)
  • Machine Shop: +1 Job (consumes Electronics)
  • Warehouse: +1 Job (consumes Glass)

The Colony will grow as long as the Population is less than both the Housing and Jobs available. Each Module purchased by a Corporation provides one share of Colony Stock for it.

At the end of the Mission, the Colony starts producing residual income for all the Corporations involved in the Mission. The amount of income is relative to the total Population of the Colony, and the income is then divided in proportion to the shares of Colony Stock owned. For example, if the Colony produces an income of $500K each week, Corporation A owns 6 shares of Colony Stock, and Corporation B owns 4 shares, then Corporation A will receives $300K while Corporation B will receive $200K.

5.0 Colony

Each colony is associated with one of four countries (the USA, the EU, Russia, and China), which have a different set of modules available. For example, the USA colony has Warehouse, Office, and Laboratory modules but no Machine Shop modules. Also, these countries grant bonuses to corporations which have won multiple missions containing their colonies.

  • U.S.A.
    • 1 Colony: No Bonus
    • 2 Colonies: +1 Claim at HQ Level 5
    • 3 Colonies: +1 Claim at HQ Level 4
    • 4 Colonies: +1 Claim at HQ Level 3
  • E.U.
    • 1 Colony: No Bonus
    • 2 Colonies: Core Sample
    • 3 Colonies: Core Sample, M.U.L.E.
    • 4 Colonies: Core Sample, M.U.L.E., Adrenaline Boost
  • Russia
    • 1 Colony: No Bonus
    • 2 Colonies: -5% Perk Cost
    • 3 Colonies: -10% Perk Cost
    • 4 Colonies: -20% Perk Cost
  • China
    • 1 Colony: No Bonus
    • 2 Colonies: +1 Scan Range
    • 3 Colonies: +2 Scan Range
    • 4 Colonies: +3 Scan Range


Beta 2 Update

Thank you for joining Early Access and providing such great feedback! We still have a lot of work to do. Progress will be slow and steady. If this new update causes you issues, please let us know in the Offworld Trading Company Support forums. Save games may not be valid between updates. Thank you!

  • Can now shift-click to buyout players with shares still available
  • Changed starting prices for various resources
  • Hacker Array shortages/surpluses have diminishing returns
  • Shortages less powerful with fewer players
  • Patents/techs take less time with fewer players and longer with more players
  • Pleasure domes make more money if they are closer to the colony
  • SHIFT-clicking on scrap building button scraps all buildings of that type
  • Alt-click will now ship resources immediately from a building
  • Cycle through HQs is now on the TAB key
  • More minimum resources generated in games with fewer players
  • No back-to-back random events of the same type
  • Major Campaign changes. Please check them out!
  • Players are now revealed at the end of a masquerade game
  • Allow players to concede during multiplayer games
  • Ability to reload a skirmish game
  • Keybindings are now driven by an xml file in the user directory (Hotkeys.xml)
  • Added option for auto-sharing all resource in the team game
  • Added option for turning on auto-supply for all buildings
  • Added option for turning off unprofitable buildings on buyouts
  • Daily challenge now at Manager difficulty level
  • Marathon mode now Double Stock mode
  • Added daily challenge game option
  • Increased range of random map seed from [0,999] to [0, MaxInt]
  • Fix for HQ founded off the map
  • Scanning now works when the game is paused
  • Better AI
  • Removed Quarterly Report
  • Robotic HQ upgrade animations!
  • New sexy disco ball Pleasure Dome! (I wonder what REALLY goes on in there?)
  • New Wind Turbine!
  • Solar panel construction animation!
  • New art & effects for Electrolysis Reactor!
  • Changed Patent Lab to look less like a toilet
  • Texture tweaks to the water pump
  • Generic construction animation added!
  • Offworld market rocket color now mo’ betta team colored
  • Disabled shadow-casting by flat terrain tiles for a small rendering speed boost
  • Unusable tiles on the edge of the map are now more distinct
  • Mouseovers now work in observer mode
  • After a player is bought out, s/he can now see how much cash each player has on the main UI (instead of the buyout percentages).
  • Resource paths change their intensity based on zoom level and distance from the center of the screen
  • New art for highlighted in-world resource icons
  • Best tiles when previewing a building are outlined
  • New UI system implemented in main menu
  • New pulldown control
  • New slider control
  • Fixing black market icons rendering against sandstorm and fog effects
  • Fixing bug where resources would float above tiles
  • Fixing the text submit function so that it isn’t one character behind
  • Added an option to mute music when in-game
  • Music in the game now loops
  • Music is finally played correctly through both channels!
  • You can now play single player games (Skirmish & Campaign) without being connected to Steam
  • You can no longer join a game as an observer. You join a game and then set your handicap to “Observer” to be an observer in the game.
  • Added a cooldown period before the lobby owner can press start if they change their handicap
  • When anyone changes their handicap a chat message is sent out with the player’s new handicap
  • Improved building placement preview by 3ms per frame
  • Added soft camera intersection to transparent effects
  • Many new screens ready for localization
  • Added screenshot hotkey that renders without the UI (CTRL+SHIFT+PrintScreen)
  • Exposed print screen commands to Mac: CTRL+HOME for hi-res screenshot. CTRL+SHIFT+HOME for hi-res screenshot sans UI (thanks OffworldTrader)
  • Switched Mac print screen command to CTRL+LEFT_BRACKET for hi-res screenshots, and CTRL+SHIFT+LEFT_BRACKET for hi-res screenshots without UI (thanks mischanix).
  • Logging <RI.Hid> error messages instead of spamming the screen
  • Moved TutorialSave.bin to \My Games\Offworld\ directory
  • Fixed HQ terrain hiding in the first tutorial
  • Fixing small memory leak when showing best resources
  • Prevent multiple instances of executable to run at the same time
  • Fixed bug when game was won before HQ was founded
Things that are not fixed yet but are working on:
  • Saving and loading games (more full support)
  • Audio issues on Mac
  • … and a whole bunch of other cool stuff!
Optional: Revert to v0.1.5301

NOTE: You will not be able to play multiplayer with anyone not on the same version as you!

To update to the previous version:

  1. Select Offworld Trading Company in your Steam Library list
  2. Right-click and select Properties
  3. Select the BETAS tab
  4. From the dropdown, select prev_version and click Close
  5. Steam should pull down the changed files; if you ever want to go back, do the same as above but select default

Only the version prior to the current update will be made available.


Tournaments’ Finals: Pbhead vs Zap

As many of you know the first Tournament is almost over. We had 32 participants and a couple of commentators/observers who helped us make this tournament so much fun.

As we announced in a different post and on our forums, we will be giving away a free key to one of the participants who were active. Check the forums here; also, check the Bracket for information or simply to look at predictions. So far, Zultar – one of the observers – is leading the predictions list, followed by Soren Johnson (designer of the game).

Join us tomorrow on our Twitch channel, MohawkGames, to watch Pbhead and Zap play their Best-of-5. The stream will be up at 10 a.m EDT. Soren and myself, Leylaj will be commentating, and hopefully Zultar.

May the best player win.


Twitch Tournament, Second Round

We are moving on to the next round. We have 8 matches, and each will be a Bo3 (best of three). Here is the bracket.

Soren and myself replaced Linghezzhi and Uknable because neither made contact, and Soren moved on to the next round. Otherwise, we forfeited the match for those whose opponent did not communicate.

The second round is up for three days. Starting today and ending Friday night EDT. The map should be set on small and default settings. Check instructions here.

Please let us know when your matches are up so we could watch you; we do not want to miss a good game. We would also love to observe and stream the games.

We also made an announcement on the forums that we will be raffling a free Steam key amongst players who complete all their matches.

Good luck!


Announcing the Tournament Bracket

Yesterday we posted on the forum here the bracket to the first round of Offworld’s tournament. Making sure that ALL players received the news, I am posting here on the blog as well.

On Twitter I am @leylacatj, and I am using #OffworldTourney to refer to this particular event. Let us know when you decide on the times and dates of your matches so we could host them on our accounts as well.

We are glad you are part of this community. Here is the link again to the bracket:

For those who signed up, this bracket shows your opponent’s Twitch name. The time zone for the first round of the tournament is taken into consideration.

There are 32 players in the tournament. If your opponent is unavailable or unresponsive, please reach out to us before 5pm EST on Tuesday the 31st of March, and SorenJohnson or LeylaJ will replace this player (that player can not come back to the tournament and forfeits his/her place).

Please use this thread to arrange the date and time of your match so we could keep track of you. We are going to create a separate thread for people to post their results which should include a link to their YouTube videos.

Keep in mind that ZULTAR (Zultar327) has volunteered to record and comment on your videos. So reach out to him as well if you need to. All your matches HAVE to be recorded, broadcast on twitch and posted on YOUTUBE.

If you could (not obligatory if you do not have twitter) send a tweet to @leylacatj with the date and time of the match.

Mohawk Games will try to host as many games as possible at

The next round of the bracket will begin on Wednesday the 1st of April.

We are looking forward to this tournament. Good luck to all.

Tournament Instructions

  • The tournament uses a single-elimination bracket.
  • All tournament matches are 1v1, with a small map and default settings (unless both players agree on an alternative).
  • The format for winning is best-of-3.
  • If a player is not responsive to finding a time or does not show up to the match, s/he forfeits the match.
  • Deadline to register is Thursday, March 26th, by 5 pm EST. (Register by replying to this post.)
  • All matches must be streamed by at least one person, which can be a third-party observer. (if the players can’t agree on who should broadcast, then both players must broadcast).
  • Check the posted bracket to see who your opponent is and use the designated forum thread to arrange a time to play.
  • After the game is finished, at least one video must be uploaded to YouTube and a link to the video should be posted in the results thread, along with a text description of the results.
  • The first round of games must be completed by Tuesday, March 31st, by 5pm EST.

Twitch Tournament!

We are holding a public 1v1 Offworld tournament to find the best player out there, and this post is the place to sign up for it. If you would like to participate, please reply in the comments with the following:

  • Your Steam handle
  • Your country (to help you match up players by time zone)
  • Your Twitch account (all games must be broadcast on Twitch)
  • Any other social media links you would like to share

When the tournament starts, we will post a thread on the Offworld forums with the current matchups, and players can negotiate times to play in that thread. If a player does not respond in a reasonable time, s/he will forfeit the match. Exact rules will be posted before we start the tournament, so please sign up now if you want to participate. (Mohawk employees are welcome to sign up as well!)

The first tournament will begin no later than March 30th.

Beta 1 Update

Thank you for joining Early Access and providing such great feedback! We still have a lot of work to do. Progress will be slow and steady. If this new update causes you issues, please let us know in the Offworld Trading Company Support forums. Save games may not be valid between updates. Thank you!

[ Gameplay ]

  • Engineering Lab now works faster
  • Rebalanced Patent costs
  • Increased cost of Nanotech
  • Mutinied buildings no long show lines to the takeover HQ
  • Cannot do two espionages of the same type at the same time
  • Fixed bug with getting too much back from cancelled Offworld shipments (thanks IDomin!)
  • Robotic players now get adjacency bonus if they put secondary buildings next to primary ones. (A steel mill next to an iron mine, for example)
  • Steel Mills consume 50% more power
  • Players on higher handicaps receive less starting life support resources
  • Robotic player consumes 100% more electronics
  • Reduced auction safety time (to prevent you from bidding immediately after another bid came in) from .75 seconds to .5 seconds.
  • Free claim from founding later now comes at different HQ levels
  • Glass Furnace are now built with Steel + Silicon, Electronics Factory with Steel + Aluminum
  • Daily challenge now defaults to Executive level
  • After buying out another player, no one else can buy your stock (or buy you out) for 8 seconds
  • Perks acquired in auctions in the campaign game are now temporary and only apply to that current scenario
  • Reduced effect of Hacker Array on maps with more players


[ Art ]

  • New dust storm!
  • New solar panel!
  • New water mine!
  • New geothermal plant!
  • Fixing geothermal vents when in observer mode

[ Terrain ]

  • Dry Ice and Water Ice now have a different visual appearance
  • Fixed resource generation bug in craters
  • Fixed rare crater-in-crater height offset bug
  • Updated appearance of Cracked and Volcanic terrains
  • Fixing terrain batching index-out-of-bounds error

[ UI ]

  • Resolved problems by going fullscreen in OSX (Mac)
  • Setting fullscreen checkbox to be in sync with fullscreen setting (from changing through a menu on OSX)
  • Fixing ClickToScan error message in observer mode
  • Increased the size of the selected building options UI and added icons to the buttons
  • Holding down Shift now changes the color of selected building option buttons for any buttons that are affected
  • Campaign tooltip fix.
  • Making tooltips for Start/stop auto-purchasing building input. Now with bright red letters to let you know you’re about to wreck your game by using it.
  • Added an icon for Pirates

[ Audio ]

  • Fixing audio error message when placing an underground nuke

[ Multiplayer ]

  • Server ping is displayed as a dash if it doesn’t have a value
  • Added column headings to the server list
  • Resetting previously selected Mod option to fix lobbies not showing up for some people
  • Reduced network traffic to try to lower lag

[ Performance ]

  • Improving performance for starting a new game by 2x
  • Improving scanning performance by 25ms per frame when the map is mostly revealed
  • Improving ice-condenser placement performance

[ Graphics ]

  • Enabling SSAO post process in High Graphics Quality
  • Adding frame limiter dropdown in Options Screen with choices 100FPS, 60FPS, 30FPS, V-Sync 1 interval, V-Sync 2 interval

[ Localization ]

  • Localizing tutorial screen & intro text
  • Localizing Find Lobby Screen

[ Mods ]

  • Changed the error messages for validating mod files from displaying in the log file only to also being displayed on the screen. The name of the file being validated in now also displayed with the error or warning message.

[ Miscellaneous ]

  • Logging the application version number to output_log.txt to assist in tracking down bugs
  • Loosened the type restrictions on the schema files used to validate mods for the game
  • Limited the log file to 100 megabytes max.
  • “Tutorial” now “Learn to Play”
  • Orienting Mars on start screen to line up with standard orientation (THE SHAME)
  • Changelog: Show more/less buttons added to changelog for those who are interested in all the changes we’ve made.

Things that are not fixed yet but are working on:

  • Saving and loading games
  • Host migration for multiplayer (for when the host stops or ends the game)
  • Audio issues with the Mac.
  • Offline mode for single-player games
  • Providing players with a development roadmap so they know when to expect what
  • and a whole bunch of other cool stuff!

Optional: Revert to v0.1.5062

NOTE: You will not be able to play multiplayer with anyone not on the same version as you!

To update to the previous version:

  1. Select Offworld Trading Company in your Steam Library list
  2. Right-click and select Properties
  3. Select the BETAS tab
  4. From the dropdown, select prev_version and click Close
  5. Steam should pull down the changed files; if you ever want to go back, do the same as above but select default

Only the version prior to the current update will be made available.

Ask Me Anything (and Early Press)

I am doing an Ask Me Anything of Reddit today at 10am EST. Join me here!

Now is also a good time to put together a short list of press since our release last month. Most extensively, I did an interview with Rock Paper Shotgun on our experience with Early Access:

The nicest response we see is people saying, ‘Oh, this is fresh. I’ve never seen something like this before.’ They’re really excited about that. Our big concern going into selling the game was, we’re specifically trying to make a game that’s different. There isn’t an economic RTS, there really isn’t something quite like that, and we’re doing that because we’re a small team. We’re not going to make a StarCraft RTS, it’s just not going to happen, so we want to do something different. And everyone says they want something different, but do they actually want something different? Are they ready to buy something different? So from a sales perspective, it’s been great. It’s been more than Stardock projected internally, and just from my own point of view, it was basically hanging around the top 25 for three weeks. It was great to see.

Further, a bunch of sites did early impression posts:

Today’s the Day!

Today, Offworld Trading Company launches on Steam Early Access! You can buy the game now at

If you want to take a look at the game, we posted a number of videos on our YouTube channel. If you have bought the game, be sure to take a look at the tutorial videos (I’ve embedded the first one below) if you have any trouble learning the game.

See you online!