Old World Update #2

For more details, read the full update notes.

  • When redrawing techs, the research bar will now update to say “Redrawing” until the next turn
  • Clicking on the research bar in this state will allow the player to choose an available tech to research – which will cancel the redraw
  • Caravan earnings are now boosted based on market inflation
  • The cost increase per unit produced has been reduced for Worker, Scout, Caravan, and Disciple units
  • Units can now be promoted, upgraded, or have generals added to them after moving
  • Cognomen Legitimacy gives diminishing returns for previous leaders, rather than each previous ruler contributing half their earned legitimacy
  • March now costs 100 Training
  • The Drawbridge Tech has been renamed to Portcullis
  • The Warrior Code Tech has been renamed to Martial Code
  • The various tiers of the amphitheater improvement have been renamed
  • Previously these tiers were: Amphitheater, Hippodrome, Colosseum
  • These tiers are now: Odeon, Amphitheater, Colosseum
  • Ashurbanipal’s intro text has been updated
  • Death and Succession events now have priority at the start of a turn
  • Highest Military and Population ambitions will now list the highest rival
  • Military comparisons now account for total strength, rather than number of units
  • Diplomacy demands have been tweaked to occur less often
  • Events that result in a General becoming injured have been tweaked to occur less often
  • Spouses who like/dislike you will now lead to having more or less children
  • Some map scripts have received name updates
  • Names have been added for salt water bodies on the Disjunction map script
  • Names have been added for oceans on the Northern Ocean map script

Old World Update #1

For more details, read the full update notes.

  • The Oligarch archetype has been renamed to Orator
  • Romulus is now the Schemer archetype
  • Urban buildings such as Markets and Theaters are no longer required to be built adjacent to one another
  • The build requirements will be lower if they are built adjacent to one another
  • The penalty for not having a Governor in a city has been removed
  • The hurry specialist and raise improvement effects have been swapped between the Orator and Judge archetype
  • Judges can now hurry specialist production with money
  • Orators can now raise improvements
  • Some archetype stats have changed
  • Zealots: -1 Wisdom (up from -2)
  • Schemers: -1 Courage (up from -2)
  • Orator: -1 Discipline (up from -2)
  • Relationships have been updated
  • Some relationships will now remove others, making opinion changes more consistent
  • Some Unique Units have been renamed
  • The Mahout is now the African Elephant
  • The Howdah is now the Turreted Elephant
  • The Camel Rider is now the Akkadian Archer
  • The Camel Lancer is now the Cimmerian Archer
  • Assyria now starts with the Trapping tech (This replaced Ironworking)
  • Carthage now starts with the Divination tech (This replaced Stonecutting)
  • Egypt now starts with the Stonecutting tech (This replaced Divination)
  • The Engineering law now requires 3 training per year for upkeep costs (Changed from Civics)
  • The Tyranny Law now provides +10 Training per year, and +20 gold per military unit within your territory (Up from 10)
  • The Volunteer Army Law now provides +20 Training per war
  • Excess luxuries now yield -1 discontent per year for your Capital
  • Trade missions have been updated to scale based on your relationship with the other faction
  • A sentry command has been added to the unit actions tab
  • This will put the unit to sleep and wake the unit up when an enemy is within 5 tiles of the unit
  • The Militia cost increase per unit has been reduced
  • The Colossus and Lighthouse Wonders must now be built in water tiles
  • Tutor events have been changed, making them slightly less likely to occur
  • Several improvements have received updates to their adjacent tile bonuses
  • Farms adjacent to pastures get +40% food (up from 20%)
  • Farms adjacent to granaries get +60% food (up from 50%)
  • Farms adjacent to windmills get +60% food (up from 50%)
  • Lumbermills adjacent to windmills get +60% wood (up from 50%)
  • Nets adjacent to harbors get +40% food (down from 50%)
  • Groves adjacent to any religious monastery get +60% food (up from 50%)
  • Trader families now gains +2 gold per population (Previously was +10 per city)
  • Trader families now gain opinion from having their cities further apart
  • The Lighthouse now gains +2 Gold per specialist (Previously was +2 gold per population)
  • The Theology tech has been renamed to Doctrine
  • Theologies no longer cost Civics
  • Upgrading Unique Units now requires a Citadel
  • Dowries have been adjusted
  • Forced divorces now cost legitimacy instead of money/opinion
  • The Game of the Week is now on a random difficulty level
  • The miserable trait stat is now -1 Charisma (up from -2)
  • A new project has been added: Consular Tribunes
  • This project can only be acquired if you make a certain decision in “The Fighting Class” event
  • This project yields +5% Training, +5% Civics, and -10% Discontent
  • Various map scripts have been updated
  • River locations have been improved to originate in poor rain areas less often
  • Organic border areas of maps have been improved to have smoother borders
  • The Inland Sea map script now has improved desert areas
  • In Single Player games, city sites intended for the player should now prefer to be on the same landmass as the player’s starting area
  • The Northern Ocean map script should now has deeper parts of the great desert area out of bounds, and map dimensions have been increased to compensate for low amounts of habitable land
  • Additional AI cities should now prefer to be on the same land mass as their Capital, but can still occur on other land masses
  • Longer rivers and mountain ridgelines now eligible to receive multiple name tags. (Same name on each tag)
  • Map Element Name Tags now do a much better job of avoiding cities, avoiding resources, avoiding tundra (hard to see), and avoiding one another
  • Island names added
  • Desert names added
  • Forest names added
  • Lake names added
  • Toned down River occurrence rate on Continent map script, to match with tiles being lost to Tundra or Desert areas
  • Coastal Rain Basin: Lake appearance rate turned down a bit

Old World Release Day!

Today is the day – Old World is available at 11AM ET on the Epic Games Store! Please join for a celebratory release stream of the game on the Mohawk Game’s official Twitch channel:

We will be following discussions of the game on our Discord server and also on the new Old World subreddit.

Finally, please listen in on the latest Game Design Round Table podcast for details on the game’s development and playtesting process.

Old World Early Access coming on May 5th

We are happy to announce the Early Access release date for Old World: May 5, 2020! The visual embargo also lifts today, so check YouTube and Twitch for videos and streams. We have a Press Kit available, so if you are publicizing the game, feel free to use any of the assets.

Here is a list of previews that have posted since our announcement two weeks ago:

Introducing Old World

Old World is an epic, historical turn-based strategy game from Soren Johnson, Lead Designer of Civilization 4 and Offworld Trading Company. Set in the classical era, Old World gives players the chance to not just build an empire but to found the greatest dynasty of its age. The game has many innovative features that are worth describing in detail:


Orders are a resource used to issue commands across your nation. Instead of moving every unit every turn, as is traditional in 4X games, each unit can be moved as many times as desired, until the player runs out of Orders. There are many other ways to spend this resource: Combat, Construction, Events, Diplomacy, and so on.


Each ruler must prove that they are worthy of the throne. As you accomplish Ambitions, finish Wonders, and gain renown (as “the Wise” or “the Avenger” or “the Peacemaker”), your Legitimacy increases, granting additional Orders each year and improving your standing with the people.


Every turn in Old World represents a year, and the rulers are mortals who won’t last forever. They will need to get married and produce an heir to continue their line. When a ruler dies, the heir who takes the throne chooses a new Ambition to make a new name for him/herself.


Old World has a powerful and deep dynamic event system that generates a procedural story for your nation based on your decisions, your accomplishments, and your characters. The game has over 1,000 unique events, many of which are inspired by historical events from the period. These events give characters Memories, Traits, and Relationships, which can then trigger later events, so be careful what you choose.


Your dynasty achieves victory by fulfilling 10 Ambitions, each one more difficult than the last. These Ambitions are dynamically generated from the Events of your game and the desires of your characters. No two games will ever play out the same way, and the wise ruler will know when to change direction.


Each nation has four noble families who can be granted stewardship of your cities, with each one providing unique and powerful bonuses. You’ll want to balance how to distribute cities among your families carefully as those with too many will begin to think they deserve the throne while those with too few will grow envious of their rivals. Pleased families will keep their citizenry under control while angry ones will incite revolts.


Cities form cohesive blocks of territory, with an urban center and rural hinterlands. Each improvement occupies a single tile, including Wonders and urban buildings, such as Shrines, Amphitheaters, and Garrisons. This territory grows based on where the player constructs Improvements and trains Specialists on the map.


Resources in Old World, such as Food, Wood, Stone, and Iron, are stockpiled as they are produced, to be spent on units, improvements, Wonders, and so on. Borrowing some algorithms from Offworld Trading Company, a dynamic marketplace allows players to buy and sell the resources at any time, with the prices fluctuating based on supply-and-demand.


The technology tree borrows mechanics from card-building games to add variety and create interesting decisions. Each technology available to research is added to the player’s deck, and when it is time to choose the next technology to research, the player draws four cards, chooses one, and then discards the others, which will not reappear until the deck is reshuffled. Thus, choosing between two desirable technologies is a difficult decision as the player knows they will not see the card they just passed over for many more turns.

Old World is available for pre-purchase on the Epic Games Store and will launch as an Early Access title before Summer 2020.

Offworld Multiplayer is now FREE!

Offworld Trading Company multiplayer is now free-to-play! To get a key for a multiplayer-only version of the game, simply sign up to our company mailing list.

Soren posted his thoughts on moving the game to free-to-play on his blog. Here’s an excerpt:

I’ve had a long-running lovehatefear relationship with free-to-play games; indeed, I even made one! However, after they did end up either eating or expanding the industry (depending on one’s perspective), it is clear now that there are different types of free-to-play games and different reasons to use the model. Our model is the simplest, dumbest available. Multiplayer is free, and we are developing new DLC and retrofitting old DLC to be mutually exclusive so that players can buy whatever parts of the game they like. The most obvious purchase is the base game itself, which unlocks all sorts of things, but there are other attractive options which can be bought and played without the base game:

Blue Chip Ventures, a series of scripted scenarios and challenges that help teach the game

Market Corrections, three scripted campaigns that give access to that side of the game

Limited Supply, an alternate version of Offworld which takes away the market in favor of resource puzzles

There’s even a cosmetic-only set of skins for special buildings called Conspicuous Consumption. (See, we were thinking ahead!)

I’m very curious to see what will happen. In the two hours since the free version came out, our player base has already quadrupled. Hopefully, multiplayer games will now always be available for budding tycoons.

Offworld Trading Company Update 16


  • Elite Pleasure Domes now take the same entertainment share as a standard Pleasure Dome
  • Elite Headquarters reverted to use the same amount of steel as other factions

Bug Fixes

  • Scientist Nuclear Plants now have the same cost and power production as other factions
  • Fixed an issue with the resume button on the Infinite Map Challenge
  • Ticker Text now resets correctly

Offworld Trading Company Update 15


  • Improvements to Multiplayer stability
  • More localization work
  • Added Active Match count to Ranked Queue
  • Menu music continues without volume when “mute menu music” settings are turned on, instead of stopping and starting


  • Reduced Nuclear Power Plant to 1.2 power output
  • reduced Sulfur Frost effect to -60%
  • Elites now only need 60 Steel to upgrade

Bug Fixes

  • Minor Campaign Fixes
  • Fixed Ranked bug that prevented users from getting into game with certain edge-case conditions
  • Audio Fixes

Offworld Trading Company Update 14

  • Tutorials have been updated
  • Players can now see their Masquerade name while when playing in Masquerade mode
  • Some colony classes have had their resource price minimums lowered. In the Daily Challenge mode the best move was sometimes just throwing down a large number of mines or quarries on an easy to access resource, and because the resource would never drop below $30 a player could just sell that one resource until they had won. This change to address that situation and encourage more interesting strategies.
  • Increased precision of the server game timer.


As expressed by the community recently, extra claims can be extremely powerful. In fact, this reward for founding late was so strong that many players would only found without it in the most dire of circumstances. Early claims are being adjusted so that in games of 4 players or less everyone will receive an extra claim eventually.

  • Last four players to found now all receive a free claim (last to found on HQ2, then HQ3, HQ4, HQ5) regardless of number of players in the game

Several small changes are being made to Black Market items to add consistency and bring costs in line with the power each item brings. Spies and Holograms will now have a cooldown, preventing a player with an early lead from taking them all cheaply to get a significant advantage. Meanwhile, Return a Claim and Core Samples have had their cooldowns reduced to encourage their use.

  • Return a Claim Black Market item can now be purchased when in D Debt
  • Changed Black Market cooldown for Bribe a Claim to 90 seconds (up from 60)
  • Changed Black Market cooldown for Holograms, Spies, Return a Claim, and Core Sample to 30 seconds.
  • Pirates now steal 200 resources
  • Pirates and Magnetic Storms are more likely to appear

Patents are receiving some small adjustments, focused on making energy slightly more accessible and bringing Transparent Aluminum’s power down.

  • Energy Vault now produces 2 backup Energy (up from 1)
  • Transparent Aluminum now costs 60 chems (up from 40)
  • Perpetual Motion now costs 40 chems (down from 60)
Bug Fixes
  • Nomads now receive the correct Black Market time when founding
  • Infinite Challenge Leaderboard now properly updates when played from the Ranked Queue
  • Geothermal Borehole Auctions will no longer occur on maps where no Geothermal Vents are present
  • Overflow bug and formatting fixed for very large amounts of cash
  • Players can once again see number of players in FFA queue while in the 1v1 queue
  • Fixed an error with “Infinite Win (Io)” Achievement
  • Fixed border color artifacts on Medium and Low Rendering Quality

Limited Supply DLC Now Available!

Stock Markets and Rival Businesses Aren’t Your Enemies Here. In “Limited Supply,” your main goal is simple: survive.

  • New Scenarios
    Experience over a dozen new missions, each with their own challenges! Each new scenario has unique rule sets and locations that will take you on a fun and exciting journey as humanity settles on Mars.
  • Changing Environment
    As you progress through the scenarios, you will face different restrictions on what you’re able to buy and sell. In order to survive, you’ll have to constantly re-evaluate your strategies and adapt to each new location and challenge.
  • Evolving Technologies
    In a normal game of Offworld, you’d build up your business so that you could buy out your competition. Instead, you’ll need to meet a list of objectives set by the colony. As you progress, the tech you have access to becomes more advanced – but, so do the colony’s requests!
  • Unique Challenges
    This DLC breaks the core rule of Offworld Trading Company, which is “buy what you want, when you want (as long as you’ve got the cash).” Each scenario has a different ruleset that restricts what resources you’re allowed to buy and sell – even essentials like food, water, fuel and oxygen! Failing to maintain a steady supply and manage your resources effectively could mean catastrophe for the colony – and for you.
  • A New Way to Play
    Instead of the head-to-head “buy or be bought out” combat in a normal game of Offworld, this DLC lets you experience the game through a series of puzzles needing to be solved. There is no stock market, no competing businesses – your only competition here is Mars itself.
Offworld Trading Co. - Limited Supply DLCOffworld Trading Co. - Limited Supply DLCOffworld Trading Co. - Limited Supply DLCOffworld Trading Co. - Limited Supply DLCOffworld Trading Co. - Limited Supply DLC

Available for purchase on Steam